Mobile Welding & Contract Welders for Hire

Master Steel provides a mobile welding service for companies that need short-term, flexible contract welders that can be hired by the hour or day.

Our contract welding service is an alternate way to hire qualified, experienced welder-boilermaker labour plus the necessary equipment and consumables for projects such as site shutdowns, emergency repairs and maintenance works. We provide the people and the tools at an all-inclusive rate to support all types of projects.

Our Mobile Welding Services

Qualified, Flexible, Reliable.

  • Various repairs to existing structures and equipment
  • Maintenance and shutdown operations
  • New welding and/or fabrication works with uncertain start dates (short notice) or finish dates (flexible length of project, hours required)
  • Smaller site works, possibly covering a number of minor repair and maintenance needs

In each case, our qualified welding staff are available for hire at fixed rates, short notice and on a flexible basis so that clients can access a no-hassles welding service as required and only pay for what they need.

The Welders-Boilermakers

The qualified welders we supply as part of our mobile welding service are the same team that deliver our core welding and fabrication services here in our Gold Coast plant and on site at client locations across the South East of Queensland. Each one is a qualified, experienced and reliable tradesperson, familiar with working on client sites as much as in our factory.

The Welding Equipment & Consumables

Depending on the client's needs, we can deliver our contract welding and fabrication service using equipment and consumables we bring to the site and/or leverage equipment in our facilities. Whatever works best for the client. Our equipment list is outlined below.

  • 10x Pulse MIG Welding Machines
  • Spark-free metallic Fusion Welding to ISO 3834
  • 10 individual welding bays with modular layout for productive flexibility
  • 10 tonne Gantry Crane that can help you manoeuvre large items for inspection, welding, and assembly.
  • Amperage load cycle compliance to MRTS78 (Department of Transport and Main Roads standard)
  • 125 tonne hydraulic punch and shear machine
  • Band saw cutting machine for large structural members
  • Capable for receiving 25m long structural steel members
  • 5 tonne forklifts
  • Additional equipment is available from us for hire as needed

All site access equipment and welding consumables are included in our hourly and daily rates, including:

  • Welding gear
  • Beam lifter
  • Scaffolding
  • Material handling equipment

Our Welding Qualifications

Master Steel is an ISO 3834 certified company, providing fusion welding services within a full quality controlled manufacturing process, also known as a “factory production control system”.

AS/NZS ISO 3834 controls the entire lifecycle of the welding process, from design right through to inspection. It considers all aspects that could affect weld quality, making it essential for high quality structural steel fabrication, since it is impossible to undertake complete verification of a welded joint without destroying it.

Our rates for contract welders and mobile welding?

To access our list of rates for contract / mobile welding, fill out your details below and we’ll respond immediately. Lead times are subject to staff availability.

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Why outsource your Welding to us

Our customers prefer the simplicity and flexibility of our contract service to handle a variety of repair, maintenance and new structural work. demanding applications and business-critical projects.

FAQs about our Mobile Welding service

Here are some common questions we get asked on hiring contract welders.

Our schedule of rates is provided upon request, rather than published on our website. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll send you everything you need on our contract/mobile welding service, including hourly/daily rates.

Our hourly mobile welding rates allow for the following provisions:

  • Qualified tradesman (boilermaker, rigger) or trades assistant
  • Welding equipment
  • Welding consumables
  • Mobile welder

Not included:

  • Additional equipment hire (please discuss your project requirements with us to confirm if any additional equipment is required)

Where an existing project is underway, and additional welding labour is requested, we generally only require 24 hours notice to get a mobile welder to commence on site.

For a new mobile welding request, the lead time is subject to staff availability. Call us to check on current welder availability.

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