Design & Engineering

Master Steel are specialists in the design and engineering of steel structures and components. Our engineering capabilities complement our core steel fabrication and installation services, providing pre- and post-fabrication engineering services - part of our complete turnkey service suite for structural steel.

Our Process: Engineering Steel

Every steel engineering job we undertake follows these stages. It allows us to reliably deliver projects on time, on budget and to the exacting quality standards required by our clients.

  • Project Review

    We work with you to confirm the scope of works, project timings, key points of contact and more - everything we need to ensure a successful engineering project.

  • Site & Design Review

    We review existing structure and/or component design requirements as well as any site-specific requirements that may impact engineering design.

  • Engineering Design

    We commence the engineering phase, devising the most efficient design in terms of cost, practicality and safety. We continually communicate with you during this phase to ensure that we are aligned to your requirements.

  • Certification

    When the design is approved and checked, we provide final design reports, certification to complete the project.

Our Steel Engineering Services

Engineering Design

We engineer steel structures, components and equipment that are economical, safe and practical to build - three critical KPIs every project should be measured on.

When you choose Master Steel for your structural engineering, you are choosing engineers with expertise in steel and a specialist focus on complex and demanding steel applications. We understand steel and how to engineer it to maximise design efficiency and effectiveness.

All engineering-work conducted

All engineering work conducted by Master Steel is done under supervision of a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

  • Economic design of steel structures
  • Engineering design of steel equipment
  • Practical engineering that reduces build complexity
  • Safely engineered structures
  • RPEQ certified engineering
specialise in a number of design

We specialise in a number of design and analysis techniques including:

  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Fatigue and structural analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Forensics and root cause analysis
  • Project management
specialise in a number of design

Our engineering design speciality includes the following applications:

  • Renewable such as Solar panel skids, PCU pad mounts
  • Mechanical Equipment such as Pallet lifting bars; wear part accessories
  • Asset Maintenance works such as strengthening brace repairs
  • Mining Infrastructure such as elevated access platforms; process mac
  • And much more...machinery housing; support structure for an exhaust stack

Engineering Certification & Sign Off

Master Steel provides RPEQ and CPEng certification of new and existing engineering designs, including complete audit and assessment of designs, to minimise risk and maximise peace of mind for our clients. This includes RPEQ sign-off services in compliance with Queensland legislation.

We provide Form 15 design certification as required for projects in the construction, commercial, industrial, and government sectors, to ensure building design complies with the relevant building legislation and codes

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Why choose us for Steel Engineering

Our customers prefer Master Steel for steel structural engineering because of our expertise in the use of steel in demanding applications and business-critical projects.

FAQs about Design & Engineering

Here are some common questions we get asked on this topic.

Whilst we can fabricate steel for a wide range of applications, our structural steel design and engineering services are focused on bespoke technical applications e.g. lifting platforms and equipment, materials handling and processing, access equipment, non-pressure process equipment.

Yes we can supply a Form 15 and Form 16 to enable your designs to be compliant to structural building codes. If it is a mechanical design, we can provide an engineering letter of confirmation to certify the design for mechanical strength and compliance.

We can provide the following engineering and compliance documentation.
  • RPEQ / CPEng signed engineering drawings
  • Form 15 certification
  • Form 16 certification (if required)
  • Fabrication shop drawings (if required)
  • Manufacturer’s data report (if required)

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