• Industrial

    Industrial Sector

    Fabrication for the Industrial Sector -Master Steel specializes in the technical manufacture and assembly of steel components for the following sectors: Manufacturing, Resources, Renewable Energy, Mining, Water Infrastructure and other Heavy Industries.

    Our fabrication system includes innovative techniques for cutting, bending through any thicknesses and sizes. We make sure our suppliers are in full compliance with our policies.

    Our projects usually require CPEng and RPEQ sign-offs and/or fabrication of technical structures such as: Pump Skids, 100T Pulley Test Bed, Lifting Equipment, Structural Platforms, Stack Towers, Silos/ Tanks, Air Hammer Adapter, etc.

    We can assist with:

    • Weld traceability and compliance
    • Manufacturer’s Data Reports
    • Conformance and Non-destructive Testing (NDT)
    • Post-weld heat treatment and other post-processing requirements
    • Documentation control including ITP sign-off

    All welding fabrication is made to AS 1554 and steel structures to AS 4100. All Master Steel products are made in Australia with certified personnel, manufactured to our ISO 3834 quality systems.

  • Hardfacing

    Severe friction between machinery and bulk material erodes the metal, requiring regular replacement. Master Steel offers services in Tungsten Carbide Embedment – a method of additive manufacturing and a strong hardfacing option that prolongs the life of high wear equipment.

    We service the following industries including: Earthmoving, Mining, Demolition, Materials Processing and Civil Works.

    For our information sheet and further details on how we can assist you, please contact us.

  • Site & Asset Maintenance

    Site and Asset Maintenance

    Master Steel has provided a key role in the fabrication and site asset maintenance of projects by providing solutions to our clients in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, SEQ Queensland, Northern NSW and across Australia. We position ourselves from a quality assurance perspective, assuring that our products/ services are to a high standard.

    We specialise in structural steel with capabilities for plant & asset maintenance and facilities maintenance in the commercial, industrial and government sectors. Our personnel have tickets and competencies in:

      • Confined Space Enter and Work
      • Working at Heights
      • Elevated Work Platforms (EWP)
      • Construction Safety Induction (White Card)
      • Trained in an Isolation Lock-out Permit to Work system
      • Trained in a Hot Works Permit system
      • Trained in a Break-in Permit system

    Regardless of where our services are offered, we offer competent people, supported by a fully equipped workshop, supervised by qualified professionals.

    Site & Asset Maintenance
  • Structural Steel Engineering

    Structural Steel Engineering

    Master Steel can fully engineer your structural steel and steel metal work requirements from architectural plans or design sketches.

    Our services include the structural fabrication of columns, beams, bracing, horizontal members, and other assorted fitments. We provide Form 15 certification along with RPEQ sign off complying with Queensland legislation. This is required for projects in the construction, commercial, industrial and government sectors.

    Structural Steel Engineering
  • Commercial

    Fabrication / installation for commercial projects – done with top-quality workmanship using local certified materials. With the mission to serve, Master Steel can create any product customized to the client’s specifications. Our competent and fully equipped facility makes us exceptional compared to our competitors.

    We have a tried and tested performance history of supplying large and complicated assemblies ie plants, theme parks, warehouses, etc. We have the capacity to handle any type and size of projects around Queensland and New South Wales.

    With over 25 years of experience, Master Steel has completed hundreds of projects across Australia. The majority of our works are referred to us by returning clients, Principal Specialists, Engineers, Property Owners, Construction Managers, to name a few.

  • Mild Steel Fabrication

    Master Steel specializes in structural steel and mild steel fabrication; and has done so for over 25 years. We have also diverged into different industries and now offer steel metal works such as bollards and balustrades. From theme park rides, public signs, beach front villas, residential mansions, and childcare centres.

    We can manufacture small to large components catering mainly to the construction, commercial, industrial and government sectors. Our fabricators are fully Australian qualified and professional boilermakers with experience in projects of all sizes. Our workshop is fully equipped with a gantry crane that can help you manoeuvre large items for inspection, welding, and assembly. Our personnel utilizes techniques such as bending, drilling, cutting and on/off site welding.

    Master Steel is a key player in the manufacturing sector of Australia.


    • Manufacturing
    • Resources
    • Construction
    • Energy
    • Mining
    • Shipbuilding
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Infrastructure

    For more information on how we can assist you, please contact us.

    Mild Steel Fabrication