Structural Steel Fabrication

Master Steel specializes in structural steel fabrication and has done so for over 25 years. We have also diverged into different industries and now offer steel metal works such as bollards and balustrades. We have done the following projects: theme park rides, public signs, beachfront villas, residential mansions, and childcare centres.

Steel fabrication and welding in the construction, manufacturing and heavy industries is a multifaceted process. Our steel is fabricated under the strict supervision of our Qualified Welding Supervisor, ensuring full accordance to our policies.

We can manufacture small to large components catering mainly to the construction, commercial, industrial, and government sectors. Our fabricators are fully Australian qualified and professional boilermakers with experience in projects of all sizes. Our workshop is fully equipped with a gantry crane that can help you manoeuvre large items for inspection, welding, and assembly. Our personnel utilize techniques such as bending, drilling, cutting, and on/off-site welding.

Inspections are made throughout the fabrication process to ensure full traceability on the materials used. All welding fabrication is made to AS 1554.1 and steel structures to AS 4100.

Master Steel is a key player in the manufacturing sector of Australia. All our products are designed and made in Australia with certified personnel manufactured to our stringent ISO 3834 quality systems.

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Mild Steel Fabrication