Severe friction between machinery and bulk material erodes the metal, requiring regular replacement. Master Steel offers services in Tungsten Carbide Embedment – a method of additive manufacturing and a strong hardfacing option that prolongs the life of high wear equipment.

Master Steel focuses on major clients requiring hardfacing in Brisbane and Gold Coast, but we have capabilities to deliver throughout Australia. We offer solutions for wear management and service the following industries, including Earthmoving, Mining, Demolition, Materials Processing and Civil Works.

We recommend hardfacing using Tungsten Carbide Embedment compared to other materials such as Chromium Carbide as the best for abrasion resistance. This process is able to extend the service life of equipment by up to 800%. Key parts must be hardfaced to prevent material lose and significantly reduce wear / tear. Application recommended for: Drill bits, teeth, loader and various wear parts and ground engaging tools.

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