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The Master Steel team is an innovation-centric team of engineering and steel fabrication specialists, dedicated to solving challenging projects, with the highest quality standard, to ensure peace of mind for all our clients.

Our Leadership Team

Gabriel Dio

Managing Director
BE(Hons), MIEAust, CPEng, RPEQ

Gabe is passionate about advancing Australian manufacturing and improving our country’s commercial competitiveness. Since taking over Master Steel in 2018, they’ve realised annual revenue growth, grown the team, entered new markets and achieved Main Roads (TMR) accreditation to MRTS78.

His background in the resources and manufacturing sector spans more than a decade and numerous countries in South East Asia, the Middle East and East Coast of Australia. When combined with his love of innovation, Gabe is providing the leadership Master Steel needs so it can play a role in a brighter future for advanced manufacturing in Australia.

When he’s not planning the next phase of growth for Master Steel, Gabe enjoys staying connected with his Filipino community - whilst eating Mexican food. And if he’s not watching sports, he’s either out playing golf or taking care of his mental wellbeing with some meditation (which also helps when he’s had a bad day out on the golf course).

Bianca Acidera Dio

Commercial Director

Unlike many from her generation, Bianca isn't interested in the vogue industries of today - IT, banking, fashion. Her passion lies in the sectors that others think of as too hard, too dirty or too boring to take on - heavy industry, manufacturing and the like. She’s a highly adaptable person, prepared to roll up her sleeves and loves being in a busy, fast paced environment.

Bianca started out with a background in architecture, design and behavioural studies. She worked in a number of businesses owned and run by her family, focused on retail, distribution and warehousing. Over time, her focus moved to logistics, accounts and operations, where she found her groove - helping operationalise systems, improve connectivity in front end teams and streamline back office functions e.g. point-of-sale (POS) and warehouse management (WMS) systems.

At Master Steel she is playing her part in taking over the reins from a previous generation of steel workers, ensuring a financially successful future for the company. When not giving her favourite calculator a workout, Bianca favours relaxing at home - be it a good binge watching session, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and keeping in touch with family.

David Walsh

Operations Manager
Certified Welding Supervisor to AS 2214, Cert IV Engineering Welding

Dave isn’t your typical boilermaker. He’s experienced in highly technical steel fabrication and is licenced to perform high risk work. His 35 years experience spans civil, marine, mining, defence and commercial industries - not just in hands-on fabrication and welding, but in the training, supervision and management of teams.

Dave has extensive experience working with Tier 1 companies and government agencies - both on and off the tools. This includes the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and Queensland Rail (QR).

In addition to his technical and supervisory background, Dave’s experience extends to operations and business management, incorporating accountability for commercial outcomes, WHS compliance and staff performance.

Ian McInnes

Project Engineer
Cert Mech Eng, Cert IV Proj Mgt

With a background in quality control, engineering projects and operations management, Ian plays a key role in our team. He’s an analytical guy, great with numbers, yet able to step back and see the big picture. His qualifications in mechanical engineering and project management round out his effectiveness in this essential function.

Ian started his career writing procedures for government agencies like Sydney Water. Since then he has gained a high level of technical and mechanical experience across multiple sectors - manufacturing, defence, industrial, commercial construction, water infrastructure and plant operations. So much so that engineers often refer to him for technical advice…

Bowen Harvey

Estimating Manager
Cert IV Engineering-Fabrication, Cert IV Project Management, QBCC, BE(Structural)

Bowen started his career with an apprenticeship in steel fabrication and his love of the industry and personal drive found him naturally gravitate towards further studies and in both Project Management and Engineering.

Bowen has more than 15 years’ experience in Project Management/Operations Management/ Senior Management within the steel fabrication and construction industries with a record of success. He knows what is required to get a project completed on-time, on-budget, meeting set quality management standards and the client’s needs.

Bowen leads our estimating division and is a strong believer that setting a project up for success from inception is the key to a successful project completion. He is also very passionate advocate of youth skill development and believes in nurturing peoples individuals strengths.

Our values: what we have in common

And why we all love working here

Quality Always

Delivering exceptional products and a superior service.

Customer Commitment

Ensuring a positive experience from kick off to completion.


Being real, open, trusted and fair in all our dealings.


A problem is an opportunity for innovation in disguise.


We are committed to everyone going home safely, everyday.

Key Qualifications

The certifications and qualifications that help us to be the best we can be.

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