Our Projects

Master Steel specializes in the design, technical manufacture, and assembly of steel components for the following sectors: Manufacturing, Resources, Renewable Energy, Mining, Water Infrastructure, and other Heavy Industries.

Our fabrication system includes innovative techniques for cutting, bending and welding through most thicknesses and sizes. We make sure our suppliers are in full compliance with our policies.

Our steel fabrication system uses advanced manufacturing qualified staff, ensuring timeliness and high quality workmanship. We execute projects for our clients, making sure that we work in accordance with the specifications and contract requirements with our advanced machinery and qualified staff.

We utilize modern technologies to provide design & steel engineering and steel fabrication at competitive costs. Our work is recognized in sub-industries within the industrial and commercial sector, by providing turnkey solutions from start to finish, involving our engineers and certified boilermakers.

Our projects usually require CPEng and RPEQ sign-offs and/or fabrication of technical structures such as Pump Skids, 100T Pulley Test Bed, Lifting Equipment, Structural Platforms, Stack Towers, Silos/ Tanks, Air Hammer Adapter, etc


  • CPEng and RPEQ sign-off
  • Weld traceability and compliance
  • Manufacturer’s Data Reports
  • Conformance and Non-destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Post-weld heat treatment and other post-processing requirements
  • Documentation control including ITP sign-off

All welding fabrication is made to AS 1554 and steel structures to AS 4100. All Master Steel products are made in Australia with certified personnel, manufactured to our ISO 3834 quality systems.

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