Master Steel Workers

About Us

Our commitment is giving customers peace of mind and assurance

Master Steel (formerly Master Steel Industries) was established in February 1993. The company has since taken a specialized direction into technical fabrication, complying with the stringent quality requirements of ISO 3834. Master Steel now provides fabrication & manufacturing services, and assembly of complex steel components for the construction, commercial, heavy and public sectors. From structural steel to test bed machinery – no project is too complex. We can help in your project with the following:

– Weld traceability and compliance

– Manufacturer’s Data Reports

– Conformance and Non-Destructive Testing

– Post-Weld Heat Treatment and other post-processing requirements

– Documentation control including ITP sign-off

The focus on quality allows the company to cater to exacting requirements from complex steel projects and meticulous clients.
Most of our projects are referred to us by returning customers — Principal Contractors, Engineers, Asset Owners, and Construction Managers. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.


  • Queensland Government

    Queensland Government

    The Queensland Government delivers services to benefit Queenslanders and support Government service delivery. They are committed to high standards of professional conduct, and honest and ethical business practices. Their vision – working together with respect and compassion to influence change and deliver responsive services that build a healthy and connected Queensland.

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  • Engineers Australia

    Engineers Australia

    Engineers Australia is the largest and most diverse body of engineers in Australia. As Australia’s principal engineering association it serves and represent around 100,000 professionals at every level, across all fields of practice. Engineers Australia is committed to advancing engineering and the professional development of its members.

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  • BPEQ


    The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) regulates the profession of engineering in Queensland. The main function of BPEQ is the administration of the Professional Engineers Act (the PE Act) and managing the registered professional engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) system. As a statutory organisation, BPEQ reports to the Minister for Housing and Public Works and has an administrative relationship with the Department of Housing and Public Works.

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  • QBCC


    The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) supports the growing Queensland community by providing information, advice and regulation to ensure the maintenance of proper building standards and remedies for defective building work.

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  • Weld Australia

    Weld Australia

    Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA) represents the welding profession in Australia. Their members are made up of individual welding professionals and companies of all sizes. Weld Australia members are involved almost every facet of Australian industry and make a significant contribution to the nation’s economy. Their primary goal is to ensure that the Australian welding industry remains both locally and globally competitive, both now and into the future.

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