Out-of-the-box Spotlight: Innovative Solutions in the Fight Against COVID-19
by Gabriel Dio | 5 May 2020
  The outbreak of COVID-19 has left the human race dealing with an unprecedented situation. There is still a lot we do not know about the disease as our healthcare professionals do their very best to contain the outbreak and find a cure for their patients. This is one of the situations where you only learn by trial and error, as we go along the way. Because they are at…...Read more
Coronavirus Testing Centres & Hospital Bed
How is AS/NZS ISO 3834 applicable to our Industry?
by Gabriel Dio | 16 April 2020
  Being quarantined at home because of COVID-19 has a way of changing one’s perspective. It happened to me when my wife and I went to a local grocery for some “essential” shopping, our most exciting day activity during the lockdown. I picked up a bag of enoki mushrooms grown locally in Victoria and noticed that the bag said “ISO 9001 – Quality Certified. Premium Produce.” It was the first…...Read more
Boilermaker Welder Welding