Engineering and steel fabrication services to ISO 3834 quality standard

Master Steel is an ISO 3834 certified steel fabricator, providing high-quality turnkey services from engineering design through to steel structure and component manufacture, site installation and structural steel maintenance.

Based on the Gold Coast, we service construction, transportation, energy, heavy industry and government clients across Queensland.

Turnkey Steel Project Management

We provide a turnkey service, from engineering design to installation, certified to ISO 3834 quality management system from Weld Australia and under the direction of our CPEng / RPEQ engineers.

  • Engineering and Design
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Site Install and Assembly
  • Maintenance and Repair

Our Steel Engineering Services

We specialise in steel fabrication for demanding technical applications - from complex steel structures to bespoke steel components. We bring 25 years experience in steel, a highly skilled team with industry-recognised certifications and a commitment to delivering high quality projects to the exacting standards of our clients.

Design and Engineering

Turnkey project engineering from initial design through to Form 15 certification and RPEQ sign off.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Structural Steel Fabrication

Custom fabrication of steel structures: cutting, bending, assembly, welding and quality inspection.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless Steel Fabrication

The manufacture of commercial and industrial stainless steel structures for demanding environments.

Who we work with

Why companies choose Master Steel

Organisations like LendLease, TMR, CSIRO and Village Roadshow Theme Parks trust us because we deliver projects successfully on time, on spec, on budget and to a high quality standard. We are committed to providing customers have operational security and consistently high performance.


Master Steel has 25+ years in steel engineering and fabrication with solid industry experience across our leadership team. Our technical staff aren’t just highly qualified, but certified experts in their field.


Specialists in constructing complex and business-critical steel assets. From bespoke parts for marine expeditionary ships to mobile water processing containers. From tower crane structures to roller coasters.


We continually innovate to deliver a better service and project outcomes, from our manufacturing techniques and equipment, to premium welding consumables, skills training and safety.


We are able to deliver a complete solution, starting with project management and engineering design, through to install, engineering sign off and ongoing asset maintenance.


Safety is paramount to us. We benchmark ourselves off industry best practice and are dedicated to providing safe working environments at our own sites and those of our customers.


We repeatedly deliver successful outcomes for our clients, taking ownership of every project from kick-off to completion and provide leadership and guidance throughout.

Where we work

From our Gold Coast factory, we service organisations across Queensland, from Tweed Heads to Mackay in the north and Charville in the west

We service a diverse range of industries - wherever high quality steel craftsmanship is an essential part of the project requirements.

Infrastructure & Civil Works

Steelwork for MRTS78, bridge traffic & balustrade rail, bridge throw screens, roadside mounted fabricated sign gantries, steel replacement components, bridge restraint angles, bearing attachment plates, bus station structures, slip base poles, traffic mast arms & posts, motor grids, noise barrier posts, noise barrier panels, noise barriers on parapets, grates, miscellaneous fabrication, slip base posts, guard rails

Public sector

Horizontal drill rig reinforcing and stabilising structure, dredging pipe support, davit arm, motorway posts, juvenile detention centre, council roads, council bus stations, council park components

Water & Wastewater

Rated lifting platforms (claws, arms, hooks, etc), materials handling and transport equipment, truck pumping stations, water processing containers, walkways, platforms, handrails, grated walkways, equipment frames, leveling platform, stairs.

Renewable Energy

Vibration suppressors and dampeners, solar farms components, PCU pads, pump skids, steel frames, solar panel steel support structures.

Mining & Minerals Processing

Flue gas stack, process gas stack, burner steel frame, reformer structures, refractory spot welding repairs, refractory anchor welding, hot spot identification, hot spot deformation cut and repair, pipe support structures, tungsten carbide embedment, wear part repairs and hardfacing.

Theme Parks

Horizontal anchorage system, ride guide assembly, run out rail, steel frames, structural maintenance and repairs.

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